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Asociación Civil Cristiana Congregacional
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Report 2018

Asociación Civil Cristiana Congregacional
Personería Jurídica Nº A 1829
Surinam 156 – C.C.24, 3328 Jardín América, Misiones, Argentina
Tel.: (03743)460 487, E-mail:
Mission Repport 2.018
‘Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God’. Ruth 1,16.
During the last year regular meetings of the board with representants of the different areas of our mission work lead to a well coordinated course of action.
The areas in which our mission is active are the following:
1- Christian Education,
2- Children Sponsorship area,
3- Health Care,
4- Community Gardening, and,
5- Kitchen & Dining Room Service.

Some of the relevant features we want to share through this yearly survey are:
1)    Since November first 2.017 to October 31, 2.018 our Health Care Service attended 3.264 patients, providing them also with free medicines, whenever needed. Some of these patients gave voluntary donations in return.

2)    Thanks to donations received, the emergency sector of our mission clinic now counts with an Electrocardiogram device (E.C.G.) which is very usefull to diagnose delicate cardiorespiratory conditions.

3)    Over week-days our Sunday School classrooms are being used by a special program who trains illiterate adults in reading and writing.

4)    Over the year about 60 children of the surrounding shanties received free medical attention, as well as all the necessary materials to assist school, including clothing and –in some cases- extra food supply.

5)    The new kitchen & dining room facility is equiped to prepare and serve hot meals to around 200 children each Suturday. The kitchen activities are run by several young people under the supervision of some ladies of the mission’s congregation.

6)    Elia Machado, a young man of our mission, started to study nursery at a local private school hoping to eventually be able to serve at our health care service in the future.

7)    Our up-comming activities before New Year 2.019 include a Confirmation Celebration Service on December 9, during which 26 young people will be confirmed in the Christian faith. Some of them who have not been baptised before will receive the rite of baptism. Christmas Eve will be another important event much expected for, especially by the many children of the mission Sunday School.

We thank God and also all of the donors who are making this adventure of faith possible. You are helping many –especially young- people to find joy in this difficult present and hope for their future.

Thank you so much in the name of the  Congregational Mission of Jardín América, Argentina!

As our motto verse from Ruth 1,16 quoted at the beginning expreses, we are called to walk together in faith and hope as one people of God.
As we share this information with you, we know that we are not walking this path alone and are gratefull for your thoughfull prayers and for your faithfull support along the years. Please let me encourage you to continue this good work you are doing!
May God bless you richly for it!.
Best wishes of peace and blessing for this Christmas season and for the up-comming year 2.019!

Rev. H. Harding Stricker MD
Mission Director
Asociación Civil Cristiana Congregacional
Suriname 156 – C.C.24
N 3328 AID Jardín América
Tel.: +54 3 743 460 487
Asociación Civil Cristiana Congregacional
Suriname 156 - C.C.24
3328 Jardin America
Tel: +54 3 743 460 487
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