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Asociación Civil Cristiana Congregacional
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Our Board

The Congregational Mission of Jardín América has functioned as an autonomous and independent organization under Argentine law since 1998, the year it was formally founded as a non profit, Non Governmental Organization named Asociación Civil Cristiana Congregacional (A.C.C.C.)

Our Constitution states in its third article that the purposes of the organization are to:Promote the knowledge and use of Christian principles.Establish friendly relations with similar bodies be they national or foreign.Create health centers, shelters, nursing homes or any other facilities that enable the organization to carry out its purposes.Therefore it is the nature of our mission to be a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) inspired by Christian principles.
Further it is the nature of our Organization to proclaim the lordship of Christ and uphold the principles of autonomy of the local congregation and of freedom of conscience under Christ.

Our governing body is a board (see picture) that makes decisions by majority or consensus and meets once a month, the Annual Assembly being the final authority of the organization.

At the present our Organization develops activities in the following areas:Child Sponsorship; has been very successful up to the present. Many children now have access to education, health care, food supply and are being integrated –along with their families- into congregational activities.Christian Education; includes worship services, evangelization, Sunday School, youth group, bible studies, counsel and outreach activities.

Medical Assistance; many patients that otherwise have no access to a functioning health care system receive attention at our Dr. David Livingstone health service. This area also includes our newest project which aims at addictions prevention through counseling and a sport center where teenagers and young people can spend time in fellowship and practicing healthy activities like sports.
Community Garden; provides communal farming land where the poorest of families can plant and harvest eatable crops for their own use.

As we develope our activities we follow a few simple guidelines in relation to our objectives and to the implementation of our projects. In relation to our objectives our guidelines can be summarized by the ‘SMART’ mnemonic; good objectives are

Realistic, and

Asociación Civil Cristiana Congregacional
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