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Sheltered sportfield

This picture shows you our new sportfield, currently without soil and walls. We are praying for voluntary donation that would help us keeping this construction and our project alive.

A new classroom

Here you can see building a new classroom of our new 'Bible & Sport Center' from our Mission. Three more rooms have been finished yet and are being used from our childrens group and our sunday school. The room on the picture shall serve as bible-study-room for juveniles and adults.

Completion of our new classroom

This foto shows you our last week completed room, which shall serve as classroom for our new planned bible-school. We need staff, eg. teachers for Sundayschool with special knowledge. In september we want to start education with twelve employees (for sundayschool and christian youth). We would be obliged for textbooks, writingmaterials and bibles and a little compilation of bibleschool-library for our students. Cordial thanks! You will contribute, that capable young people will work active in our mission. This is God´s field which we shall give glory!


Many helping hands will help us to finish our work soon!

Festivity of Children´s day in our sunday school

Sunday, 2012-08-05 celebrated the sundayschool with some kids of our mission the children´s day. This pic shows you some kids.

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