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Child Sponsorship

This program was the starting point of our Association and has been very successful through the years. It still is. Many children have now access to education, health care, food supply and are being integrated –alongside their families- into congregational activities.
A group of people within our board is responsible for sponsorships. This group lists the children in dire need, gathers information about possible sponsors and once a sponsorship has been confirmed it handles the follow-up henceforth.
A sponsorship is reported as terminated either when the young person finishes studies, finds a job, or moves to another place out of reach for our follow up group.

If you wish to support this area of our social commitment please contact one of the addresses listed in our home page according to the country you live or the language you are more fluent in.
The monthly amount for a sponsorship is of USD 40.- / Euros 30.-
Thank you for your collaboration!

Dr. David Livingstone Healthservice

Asociación Civil Cristiana Congregacional
‘Dr. David Livingstone’ Health Service

The ACCC offers a health service named Dr. David Livingstone. We honour Dr. Livingstone (1813-1873) not only for having been both a Congregational minister and a medical doctor but also for his courageous stance against slavery. Although focused on prevention, the service also offers primary health care and clinical out-patients attention. One physician and two nurses care for an average number of three hundred patients a month. Attention and medicines supply are offered for free.
Based on voluntary donations only, our health service is in dire need of sponsors in order to be able to continue serving the poorest of people as a living sign of the risen Christ.

Our Clinic
Haidee an Doris.

Our Nurses. Nothing would be possible without our staff.
Asociación Civil Cristiana Congregacional
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