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Report 2017

December 2017

‘Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good’. Rm 12,21

Dear Mission friends,

It is my pleasure to communicate with you in behalf of the Congregational Mission of Jardín América in order to share with you some of the highlights of our mission’s activities during the last year.

The four areas of our mission –Christian Worship & Education, Child Sponsorship, Health Care and Community Garden- developed their programs and served our community well.

Our missions Health Care Center attended an approximate number of 2.200 patients (that is without counting the home attentions not registered at the clinic). Medicines have been provided for free. Many thanks to all donors who made it possible to provide health attention to people without regular access to it!.
At the present we are working to complete an Emergency Sector, but still need some of the required instrumental. The aim is to improve quality and range of attention of our medical assistance service. We will appreciate every donation that will help us to move forward in this regard!.

During the month of June we were glad to welcome visitors from the United States who stood at the mission’s guest house and served the mission in different ways for one week. This visit was a true blessing and we encourage other people who are interested in visiting a congregational mission and collaborate with its activities to visit us in Argentina. You are always welcome among us!.

The Sponsorship Program provided for the needs of dozens of children in terms of health care, medical assistance, food & clothing and school supplies.  It now also added a soup kitchen which offers a hot meal each Saturday noon to roughly 150 children since the service extends to all children who assist Bible School on Saturday mornings. The work is done freely by the mission’s youth group and the bible school teachers whose engagement has shown to be a practical and effective way to convey the Gospel’s message of God’s love and care.

Our mission’s Adults Bible Study Group meets every Wednesday night after finishing our clinic’s out-patients attention at around 8:00 p.m. for about one and a half hours. The Bible presentation is followed by a questionnaire to be answered in smaller groups and finally be discussed by the end of the meeting. This bible study is preceded by a joint reading of the corresponding bible text by the whole group and has become a spiritual highlight of this year.
Some –especially elderly people- are illiterate. We have therefore offered our mission’s class rooms to a public adults school which runs reading and writing classes during the week. It is a satisfaction to see how people who were not able to read are now reading their bibles and also now sing along with the congregation at our mission’s worship services on Sundays which were held regularly during the whole year.

Our mission’s Annual Assembly will take place on December 27th. It will be a time of reflection on the past period’s activities, of listening to new proposals and a time of planning for the next year which we wish and pray to be as blessed and full of work as the present has been.

Thank you for reading these lines!. We will highly appreciate that you continue to be our strongholds in prayer and encourage you to donate and make it possible for this mission to continue in God’s service.

Fraternally in Christ,

Rev. H. Harding Stricker MD
Mission Director
Asociación Civil Cristiana Congregacional – ACCC
Surinam 156 – C.C. 24
N 3328 AID Jardín América, Misiones
Tel. +54 3 743 460 487

Asociación Civil Cristiana Congregacional
Suriname 156 - C.C.24
3328 Jardin America
Tel: +54 3 743 460 487
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