Mission Report 2015

Asociación Civil Cristiana Congregacional – ACCC
Suriname 156, C.C.24, N 3328 AID Jardín América, Misiones, Argentina
Tel.: +54 3743 460 487, e-mail: harding.stricker@gmail.com
December 2.015
Dear Mission Friends,

It is my pleasure to greet you in behalf of the Congregational Mission in Jardín América with a quote from the book of Lamentations 3,22b-23; (God’s) compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is (God’s) faithfulness. The newness of the Good News and the steadiness of God’s love in Christ are our everydays renewed experience, not as a routine but as an adventure of faith. Thanks to God for His compassion that keeps restoring our strength and our willingness to serve His people!.

The year 2.015 has confronted us with many challenges and opportunities to grow. Thanks to your faithful support and prayers we were able to keep running our regular programs:
- The sponsorship program: all sponsored children were provided the necessary means to assist school as well as free medical attention.
- The community garden: several poor families continue to plant and harvest at their assigned plots.
- The mission clinic: provided primary health care and out-patients attention to an estimated 2.500 patients throughout the year.
- Church services, Sunday school and youth group activities were run normally and without interruptions in spite of the often bad weather conditions (heavy rain showers) we had this year.
Beyond these we were also able to extend our Bible Studies offer throughout the year. These classes take place on every Wednesday night. We also were able to install a play-park (slide, metal horse, hammocks, etc.) on the mission ground which all children seem to enjoy a lot.
Our most immediate project is to complete the laying of a proper floor for the mission’s sport hall (a 400 square meters surface). This will be another important step in reaching out and engaging teen-agers and young people to become part of the mission family and keep away from trouble on the streets.

Dear Mission Friends, thank you for your past support! Please keep this Congregational mission in South America in your thoughts and prayers. We invite you to continue your support that allows us to do God’s work among very poor people in dire need of help. Thank you!

The God of peace be with you all!.

Rev. H. Harding Stricker
Mission Secretary – ACCC
Suriname 156 – C.C, 24
N 3328 AID Jardín América
Misiones, Argentina

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